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A Mole in the Hand



Walter Frederick is my nom-de-plume, the actual author of A Mole in the Hand.  What follows on other pages are details of incidents through my life which influenced me to write this book.


And, to give you even more of a flavour of what is to come in the book, I have reproduced below the Preface from my book.





I have long been fascinated by the British born spy Sir Anthony Blunt.  It appears, apart from the few officers in the MI5 who harboured suspicions about him, it was not known for sure he had spied for the Soviet Union until 31 years after his recruitment, and the public were not told of his treachery for 46 years.


It is true Sir Anthony Blunt, 1907 to 1983, was a world renowned art expert and art historian.  He became the Surveyor of the King’s Paintings in 1946, the leading Royal expert on art, a post he retained when Princess Elizabeth succeeded to the Throne.  It is true he was related to the Queen Mother and through her to the Queen herself.


It is also true Anthony Blunt was a traitor.


A dedicated Marxist as a student at Cambridge in 1926; he joined the 'Cambridge Apostles', a secret society which was strongly Marxist.  In 1933 he went to Russia and it was probably there he was recruited by the NKVD (the forerunner of the KGB).  He then became the KGB's chief 'talent spotter' as a member of the Apostles.


It is widely acknowledged he was one of the Cambridge Circle of ‘Five’ British spies  -  Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean, Harold ‘Kim’ Philby, and John Cairncross  -  with Blunt being thought of as the ‘fourth’ man.  Some also believe it was Blunt who had in fact recruited the other four.


Blunt was interviewed by the MI5 several times, but it was not until he was exposed to the FBI in 1963, by an American, Michael Straight, one of those Blunt had also recruited at Cambridge, that he finally confessed to the MI5 in 1964.  MI5 granted him immunity from prosecution.  It is said his immunity came from his exposure of those he had recruited - but as we do not know whom he did name, it is not unreasonable to speculate about those he did not name.


Some observers think he was turned, but we mere mortals will never know the real truth.  We do know he continued to work at Buckingham Palace from 1964 to 1979, meeting regularly with The Queen to discuss the Royal Collection of art.


In 1979, on becoming Prime Minister, Mrs Thatcher answered a Parliamentary question by exposing the ‘fourth’ man as Blunt, and the removal of the knighthood awarded to him in 1956, followed.  There can be no doubt Blunt was a mole for the Soviet Union hidden from view for a total of 46 years, spending three-quarters of that time working in Buckingham Palace, and I cannot help wondering how many more he recruited whilst there!


Given what we do know about Blunt, it is logical to speculate the Soviet Union did not stop with recruiting Blunt and his four fellow conspirators, but continued to recruit other British citizens to operate as undercover moles over the next sixty years right up to the demise of the Soviet Union.


It is therefore also logical to speculate hundreds, if not thousands, of people became moles for the Soviet Union.  Many probably in highly privileged positions like Blunt.  Many of them almost certainly still alive today!


Even now waiting for the call to act to fulfil their ideological objectives!


I wonder where those moles are right now???


        Walter Frederick



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